Feeling stuck? Are you tired of Googling symptoms and bouncing from one specialist to another? Is your life revolving around your health problems? This is not God's plan for your life! You don't have to cope, manage, and resign yourself to dis-ease.

BioEnergetic Testing (B.E.T.) is an invaluable tool for identifying functional disturbances - issues that are not identifiable by conventional labwork, yet cause a myriad of symptoms. (More than 70% of patients in any general practice suffer from functional disturbances.) Effective use of B.E.T. technology investigates and aims to restore the body at the most fundamental level. Further, this same technology is used to pinpoint optimal homeopathics, herbal remedies, and professional-grade supplementation, providing the tools to create a plan specific to each individual.

Essentially, the aim of BioEnergetic Testing is to provide your body with the support it requires to function the way it was originally designed to. By effectively addressing both the symptoms AND the underlying systems that need support, complete and lasting healing can be attained.

Hidden Creek Health Evaluations and Consultations take into consideration all factors that can influence health and wellness, including environmental, biological, and genetic influences; as well as diet, lifestyle and stress levels.