Currently, the Qest4 system, which has an extensive database of over 60,000 frequency signatures (more complex than single frequency testing systems). takes center-stage here at Hidden Creek Health. Its efficiency is unparalleled, boasting 97% accuracy and completing full body scans in minutes. Also available is the Discovery System from DP Nutritionals, as well as the Zyto portable system.

The Qest4 system measures electrical currents in the body, much like an EKG machine uses electrical tabs on the chest to detect possible heart weaknesses and a polygraph uses electrical probes to detect positive (truth) and negative (lie) read-outs. The Qest4 can identify which body systems are blocked or out-of-balance, what type of pathogens and/or toxins are causing the imbalance, and what nutrient(s) will bring them back into proper function and balance. Although the information gathering process is thorough and complex, the test itself is as simple as grasping the brass handholds as the frequencies are pulsed through the system.

There are many types of biofeedback tools used in all different arenas, from clinical to military applications. Similar concepts include: Bio-Resonance, ElectroDermal Screening, and Meridian Stress Analysis. This form of modern Biological-Energetic Science was discovered by Dr. Reinhold Voll, M.D. of Germany in the 1940's.
Geography is not a barrier to taking advantage of Hidden Creek Health services. In fact, "remote testing" is the most common way clients choose to be tested and DNA makes that possible. DNA stores all information that makes up any organism, and 1 gram of DNA is capable of holding 700 terabytes of data. Not to be confused with testing DNA for identification, the DNA is simply representing the person it came from during the scanning process.

This advancement in technology is so exciting! We all know DNA testing plays a lead role in criminal investigations, as well as paternity testing. Other fields that have DNA applications include pre-natal risk assessment, archeology (exploring migration patterns), ancestry, and Bio-Tech (which is how we ended up with GMO's).

Like anything else, DNA can be used for good, or it can be used for bad. At HCH, your DNA sample is used for the service you pay for and then destroyed. The general population truly needs more education on the wonders of DNA. If you're curious, look up Einstein's Spooky Physics, or even more interesting - the military's experiments which proved Quantum Entanglement.
One of the great benefits of B.E.T. technology is that it allows us to save time and money by not only identifying where the imbalance is in the body and what is causing the imbalance, but also by identifying the exact nutrient or formula that will bring balance to your body at this time. So, you may need magnesium and there are lots of quality magnesium supplements, but which ONE is the perfect match for you right now?

All of the supplements in the Hidden Creek Health system are high-quality, practitioner-grade, bio-available supplements and many of them are energetically programmed for better results. The Vitality Scans include some top-quality product lines that are available in health food stores and online. This may make it more convenient or faster to get what you need when traveling or battling the sudden onset of illness.

On average, you can expect your B.E.T. scans to reveal 3-6 supplement needs at any given time. Discounts on select supplements are available.
Absolutely. There is a discount for children whose parents go through the Hidden Creek Health B.E.T. Transformation or Longevity Program. Modifications to the scans are made for the little ones and a full line of child-friendly supplements is available. 
There are two ways to be scanned. First is in-person where the client grasps the metal handholds to close the circuit as the frequency pulses are sent out. (There is less contact with electricity in a full body scan than you might get walking across the carpet in your socks.) The second way, which is most common, is called "Remote Testing" where a person's DNA sample is placed on the machine's testing plate while running the scan. We only need a simple sample - and you will get details about how to collect and send it in your welcome packet.

The INITIAL APPOINTMENT takes about an hour with a thorough review of your health history and a comprehensive BET analysis which includes, but is not limited to:
Nutritional Assessment Profile, Digestive Profile, Hormonal Balance Profile, Parasitic Profile, Fungus Profile, Vertebral Profile, Dental Profile, Toxicity Profile, Heavy Metal Profile, Immune System Function Profile, Inflammatory Response Profile, Sensitivity Profile, Emotional Stress Profile, and more...

FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS are each month and equally as thorough. Though we follow the therapeutic order of healing, we also expect to see changes each month as we address the core issues one step at a time and then move on to the next priority. Deep healing is a process and the average time-frame for recovery is 3-5 months - sometimes longer for systemic health challenges.

After each scan, you will receive an Action Report for your records to help you stay on track with your health goals. While the B.E.T. scans provide invaluable information and take the guesswork out of choosing supplementation - the real work is yours to do daily.

This one-page report includes the recommended SUPPLEMENT SCHEDULE, showing you when to take each supplement and how much to take.

This is followed by ACTION ITEMS that your scan revealed would be beneficial to you in terms of nutrition, lifestyle choices, and complementary therapies. You will also see a SUMMARY of the scans for this session, as well as a list of Hand Outs and other notes.

With the Longevity program, there is an option for weekly Strategy Sessions to provide further support and accountability as you go through the first three months of your health protocol.